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Why People Lift Their Homes

March 12, 2018

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5 Factors that affect the cost of house lifting

February 1, 2018

Non one house lift is the same as another.  This is why there is no typical price.  Every house is different and requires a unique approach. 

House lifting is a complex process with many factors that can impact on the cost, from the expertise and resources needed to rebuilding the foundations, landscaping and fixtures that need adapting.  


Let’s take a look at what can affect the cost of your house lifting quote:


Size of House

Probably the biggest influencing factor on price.  The size of your house will determine how much equipment and what individual expertise may be required.  Of course the larger the home the bigger the costs.  When looking around for a house lifting quote, be prepared to give the total sq ft of the property.


Height of the house

Goes without saying.  The more stories you have, the more heavy machinery will be required to lift it.  Not much to say here.

Existing damage/structural problems

If your home has any structural problems, this will need securing before the house is lifted.  Issues such as flood damage or cracks could have an effect.

You don’t want to make the issue worse by moving the house!



Perhaps one of the most overlooked contributing costs.  You need a lot of space to be able to lift a house. In a lot of cases your surrounding landscaping will be affected.  This could be as simple as removing some shrubs, or taking down fencing and even whole trees.  Then you have the cost of repairing/rebuilding the landscape afterwards. 


Local Permits

An inevitable cost to some home improvement projects, be prepared that permits to lift your home will be considerably more expensive than your typical remodel permits.  Some cities charge $1000s for house lifting permits.  You should find that most house lifting contractors will be able to help you with this.


For more information start by requesting a house lifting quote from High Caliber Contracting.

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