When your foundation is damaged beyond repair, a full foundation replacement may be required.   When this happens you need to raise your house so that the foundation can be safely and effectively replaced. 

As many as 30,000 home foundations are crumbling in Connecticut because of the mineral pyrrhotite found in the concrete. The Connecticut Dept. of Consumer Protection is actively involved in helping homeowners because of this terrible situation.


High Caliber Contracting, LLC are a Connecticut based firm with over 20 years experience in foundation replacement projects and house lifting. 

If your foundation is affected by this  issue, or another problem that requires a complete replacement we would be pleased to meet with you.

If a full placement is required we will assess your individual situation and explain our proposed solution to you.  Once the house is raised, work on replacing the damaged foundations can take place.  The house is then safely lowered back onto the new foundations.


We work directly with the homeowner or your General Contractor.




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