Residential Lifts - Moves

High Caliber Contracting is a fully insured house and building moving company.


We have a fully trained crew solely dedicated to lifting or moving of structures.


We will meet the needs of the Homeowners or Contractors.



  • House Moving

  • Building Movers

  • Historical Building Movers

  • House Lifters

  • Home or Building & Jacking - Leveling

  • Foundation Repairs


Serving Connecticut and the Surrounding Area since 1987

Commercial Lifts - Moves

Our Commercial projects completed include:



Commercial Structures :

Office Buildings


Airport Hangers


Garages - Steel Buildings

Historic Structures


Stores & Retail Buildings

We do not move sheds at this time.

IASM Member

The International Association of Structural Movers (IASM) began as a “not for profit” trade association in 1983 when a collection of individuals engaged in the business of moving structures believed the time was right to form an organization to represent their industry.The services provided by structural movers create and save jobs, preserve historic structures, prevent wasteful demolition, reduce material to landfills, provide increased opportunities for affordable housing and a multitude of additional benefits.


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With our Office based in New Haven County we cover all of Connecticut.

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Madison CT Shorefront LIFT 2020